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Whistleblower Representation

At Parham Law Firm, LLC, clients can find aggressive, strategic representation in whistleblower cases from an experienced qui tam lawyer. Florence attorney Rose Mary Parham has more than 22 years of trial experience at the state and federal levels, including four years as an Assistant District Attorney and more than a decade as an Assistant United States Attorney.

Qui Tam ∙ Whistleblowing

Most qui tam cases involve private individuals blowing the whistle on companies for legal violations involving white collar crimes that include:

  • Conspiracy
  • Mortgage fraud and bank fraud
  • Health care fraud
  • Securities fraud and tax fraud
  • Mail fraud and wire fraud

Parham Law Firm, LLC, represents clients in qui tam cases in federal courts. Some qui tam cases involve the whistleblower receiving a percentage of the penalties ordered by the court. Other cases involve whistleblowers who are in some way involved in the crime. In some cases, person accused of involvement in some sort of white collar crime can receive absolution or a reduced sentence for cooperating with the investigation or prosecution.

It is important to work with an experienced qui tam lawyer to protect your interests and guide you through the legal process. Attorney Rose Mary Parham represents clients in whistleblower cases to protect their rights and make sure they get the best deal possible.

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