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On drug charges and drug trafficking allegations

"Drug trafficking" and "drug distribution" charges are very serious, and the phrases themselves are loaded. These phrases bring up images of bad people who are cloaked or shrouded in the shadows, dealing drugs to your kids and family members. But in reality, many people who are accused of these crimes are actually good people who simply don't have the means to do anything. There are also plenty of people accused of these crimes that aren't guilty of what they are accused of committing.

Finances and DUIs: get an attorney to protect yourself

Getting a DUI is something that no one thinks will ever happen to them. They think they are responsible, honest, hard-working people who would never violate the law. But blood alcohol levels are tricky things. You may think that a glass or two of beer or wine won't set you over the limit because "you know your body." In reality, we don't. BACs are very difficult to accurately measure in our own heads. What we feel when we have consumed alcohol often doesn't exactly match our perceived BAC.