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Defense strategies in drug related cases

Dealing with drug charges is difficult and complicated, and you could face severe ramifications if the jury finds you guilty. Defense attorneys have several defense strategies in store for you if you are charged with drug offenses. These defense mechanisms depend upon the circumstances in which you were arrested.

Vandalism prices and defenses

Destroying another character's assets without knowledge succeeds as vandalism. This can consist of making pointless modifications, painting graffiti, damage of property or even hacking into a website and making modifications. Despite the fact that some people consider vandalism like graffiti to be creative, the USA regulation does not approve.

Will your marijuana charge cost you your college financing?

Many people these days consider marijuana charges to be minor offenses. Marijuana legalization in a number of states leaves people thinking marijuana offenses are minor. South Carolina, however, is not one of those states. While lawmakers have introduced a marijuana bill this session, it has yet to go to vote, let alone implemented.