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Month: April 2017

The walk-and-turn field sobriety test

Do you know someone who has been arrested for and charged with impaired driving in South Carolina? If so and you are wanting to help that person through the defense process, it will be good for you to understand the types of tests administered during the arrest...

When could a DUI net a felony charge?

While most in Florence recognize drunk driving as being a serious charge, the general assumption may be that should you be convicted of such a crime, your punishment will likely be that of a misdemeanor offense (provided that it is your first conviction). However,...

A DWI can affect your future in and after college

Driving under the influence of alcohol is something almost everyone knows is illegal. You know you shouldn't get behind the wheel when you're intoxicated, because it makes you less attentive and slows your reactions. In just a few seconds, a mistake could lead to a...

Misdemeanor record expungement

Having a criminal record of any kind can be difficult on a person, especially when it comes to things like finding employment, securing housing and obtaining professional licenses. Due to this, many people in South Carolina look into a record expungement. Getting...

What should I do if I’m pulled over by police?

All motorists in South Carolina have access to certain rights when pulled over by the police. Accordingly, an awareness of your rights is imperative to ensure they are being preserved by law enforcement during traffic stops. This information will also help you...

Are there different types of drunk driving offenses?

In South Carolina and all over the nation, drunk driving can have a range of negative consequences. Additionally, there are many different types of drunk driving offenses, each of which can carry its own distinct set of penalties and punishments. As a driver,...

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