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Photo of attorney - Rose Mary Parham

Month: August 2017

Run from police results in crash, arrest

Typically, a speeding offense or other moving violation in Florence may not result in severe consequences. One who is facing such a scenario may ultimately only be forced to pay a fine, and certain corrective actions (such as attending a driver safety course) could...

More people are driving while high

Drugged driving is becoming a concern nationwide, and South Carolina is no exception. According to reports from WXLT, officers in the Palmetto State find it commonplace to pull over a driver who is under the influence of marijuana or prescription drugs.In fact, a...

South Carolina and the details of methamphetamine

Thousands of Americans admit to having used methamphetamine in the recent past, and the majority of individuals serving drug sentences in the country are serving time on meth-related charges. The drug is widely used in the West, Midwest and Southern regions of the...