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Run from police results in crash, arrest

Typically, a speeding offense or other moving violation in Florence may not result in severe consequences. One who is facing such a scenario may ultimately only be forced to pay a fine, and certain corrective actions (such as attending a driver safety course) could even result in not having the offense reported to his or her insurance provider. Cooperation with law enforcement officials is typically a prerequisite to earning such an outcome to a traffic offense, however. Failing to do so could potentially land one in even deeper legal hot water, prompting authorities to level charges that he or she may have not otherwise been facing. 

Drunk driving costs and collateral consequences are considerable

Heading out drinking with your friends might sound like a good way to spend an evening. Unfortunately, without proper planning, your fun evening can turn into a nightmare. This is the case if you end up trying to drive after you've had a few drinks and police officers notice that you are showing signs of being intoxicated while driving. This could be a very costly endeavor that you may not be prepared for.

South Carolina and the details of methamphetamine

Thousands of Americans admit to having used methamphetamine in the recent past, and the majority of individuals serving drug sentences in the country are serving time on meth-related charges. The drug is widely used in the West, Midwest and Southern regions of the United States, with South Carolina as one of the areas with high reports of meth and crack cocaine. While the charges for methamphetamine use and trafficking can be severe, there are still thousands of arrests for the drug each year.

How a dog sniff search still affects South Carolina officers

The 2015 Supreme Court case of Rodriguez v. United States affects law enforcement officers in South Carolina and across the United States, from highway patrol to municipal officers. Though the case was decided a few years ago, its holding is still relevant and binding today.