December 2017 Archives

State pushing for stronger phone laws

Through the holiday season and especially over the New Year's Eve holiday celebration time in South Carolina, much attention is given to alternatives to drinking and driving. The dangers associated with getting behind the wheel of a car even if a person has had only one alcoholic beverage have been known for a long time. Sadly many people keep making the dangerous choice to grab their keys after a drink or two. Similarly, too many people refuse to put down their phones while they drive.

Did that camera at the stoplight take my picture?

As you've driven through intersections in South Carolina, you've likely noticed before that there are cameras pointing down at the traffic. But do you know what they're for, or how they work? You might be surprised to know that not every camera at a traffic light takes your picture.

A drug conviction can throw a wrench in your financial aid

There are certain criminal convictions that can damage your student financial aid. For example, a drug charge can seriously cost you when it comes to applying for federal loans to pay for tuition. Such a conviction can completely derail your academic career, especially if your university suspends you in addition to federal lenders denying your loan applications.

Obesity and field sobriety tests

Most people in South Carolina have likely heard or read headlines and stories about the problem of obesity facing our nation. In addition to concerns about people's health if they are overweight, there may also be concerns when it comes to criminal charges involving drunk driving. If you are carrying some extra pounds and are one of the many drivers who grabs a beer after work or enjoys a glass of wine when out to dinner and then drives home, you should learn about this.