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Hands Across the Border takes place at South Carolina state line

Labor Day weekend tends to be a busy time of the year for authorities enforcing drunk driving laws in South Carolina. People mark the end of summer with travel and social gatherings at which they may consume alcohol. Hands Across the Border events have taken place in the Southeast since 1991, allowing law enforcement from two adjoining states to cooperate with one another to make the roads safer by removing impaired drivers. North and South Carolina have held similar events at their shared border for approximately 20 years. 

When is a DUI a felony?

Typically, an arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance in Florence will net you a misdemeanor charge. Misdemeanors may be viewed by some as a proverbial "slap on the wrist," yet do not be fooled: a DUI charge is a very serious offense for which the potential penalties can be even more so. Fines, a license suspension and substance abuse counseling may be included in the punitive action you might have to face. It should also be noted that these are typical penalties when facing with a misdemeanor; imagine how much more grave they may be if you are charged with a felony DUI. 

Woman arrested for alleged impaired operation of toy

People who live in South Carolina know that operating a motor vehicle while impaired by either alcohol or drugs is against the law and may find them facing a criminal charge for operating a vehicle while under the influence. This type of charge may also be faced for alleged impaired operation of a boat. A recent incident in Walhalla raises new questions about what may be considered a motor vehicle under the law regarding these types of charges.

Oconee County authorities respond to unique incident

Law enforcement authorities in Florence take drunk driving cases very seriously (as they should). The impairments that set in after one has consumed alcohol can make them dangerous to others should they choose to get behind the wheel while intoxicated. Officials have a responsibility to protect the public if and when a person is indeed proven to have engaged in such reckless behavior. At the same time, authorities are also asked to understand that not every suspected DUI case is the same, and oftentimes, following what may be viewed as protocols may leave one facing charges that their actions do not warrant. 

Is Emma's law effective at preventing drunk driving deaths?

Named after a six-year-old girl who died in a collision with an alleged drunk driver, Emma's Law has been in effect in South Carolina since 2014. The purpose was to prevent repeat DUI offenses by requiring many drivers convicted of drunk driving for the first time to purchase and install an ignition interlock device on their vehicles. 

Are designated drivers always a safe choice?

Whether you are going out to have dinner and drinks with friends or you are headed out for a night out on the town, it may be a good idea to bring a designated driver. Although designated drivers are considered part of the group, it is understood that they will not drink any alcoholic beverages. This person will then be the one who drives everyone safely to their destination. While you may feel comfortable and safe getting into a car with a designated driver, studies show that these drivers may not be as safe as some may think. In some cases, designated drivers may lead to a serious car accident.

The state's drunk driving stop and arrest process

Residents in South Carolina may hear a lot about how the state has strict laws regarding drunk driving but they may not fully understand what could be involved in a potential driving under the influence stop or subsequent arrest. It is important for drivers to know a bit about the process as it is possible for most any driver to be faced with a line of questioning from an officer who suspects the driver is impaired.

What is the difference between DUI and DUAC laws?

The drunk driving laws in South Carolina include two statutes, DUI and DUAC, which may be confusing. While you may face serious consequences for driving after drinking alcohol or using drugs, there are unique penalties that exist for different types of convictions. In South Carolina, the difference between DUI and DUAC charges depends mostly on blood alcohol content levels.

What happens if you are pulled over for a DUI?

An arrest for driving under the influence in South Carolina has the potential to affect your future in significant ways, but what happens in the moments immediately after a law enforcement officer pulls you over for potential DUI? According to the Greenville News, the first step is to determine whether your blood alcohol concentration is beneath the legal limit of 0.08. To do this, the officer will conduct a series of field sobriety tests. These may include basic tests of motor skills and cognition. If you pass these tests, you are free to go.

What can be used against me in court for a DUI?

South Carolina cracks down hard on people who are accused of driving while under the influence. Because of that, the penalties can add up fast and cause you a lot of damage. Parham Law Firm, LLC, is here to help if you have been accused of a DUI related crime. Today, we'll take a look at three things to double-check from your traffic stop.