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South Carolina's point-based driving record system

If you have ever been stopped by a police officer in South Carolina and received a traffic ticket, you are far from alone. Many people are issued citations for everything ranging from speeding to rolling stops to failing to use a turn signal and more. In many situations, these things are almost treated as normal events that just happen and while they may be annoying and costly are not always considered seriously.

The price to pay after a shoplifting charge

Many South Carolina residents might agree that crimes related to shoplifting pale in comparison to more serious offenses. Nevertheless, those caught stealing often face serious repercussions. One point of debate surrounding shoplifting involves the penalties that come with them -- have they been too strict in the past? 

Knowing the ropes: south carolina shoplifting laws

Society generally has little sympathy for shoplifters, but like most offenses, there are often multiple sides to a story. Whether it is an ongoing habit or simply a way of making ends meet, those dealing with shoplifting penalties commonly walk out of one problem and into another. South Carolina residents facing repercussions after a shoplifting charge can learn more about state laws and the ways business owners handle instances of theft.

When a shoplifting charge threatens a reputation

It may seem a small act, but can result in major consequences: shoplifting is a crime that affects a multitude of customers and business owners each year. While the taking of an item that is not one's own is certainly problematic for South Carolina businesses, it can also inflict serious damage on a person's reputation and career. Below are some recent developments in this area of crime, as well as a few ways residents can navigate a shoplifting charge.  

The severity of a misdemeanor charge

When South Carolina residents are charged with a misdemeanor, they may think that this is not a serious offense. A misdemeanor charge can have far-reaching consequences, though, and it is important to understand how a seemingly simply offense can affect someone's life for years.

Are all misdemeanors the same?

You have likely heard about people being charged with crimes in South Carolina and some of the time these crimes are referred to as felonies while others are referred to as misdemeanors. As you may well know, felonies are considered more serious offenses than misdemeanors. However, there is more of a distinction in the type of crime an act may be considered than simply whether it is a felony or a misdemeanor.

Understanding battery charges

When someone is charged with battery in South Carolina, he or she might wonder what exactly this means. At first glance, this term might seem to have nothing to do with the law. According to FindLaw, this term refers to times when someone touches another person without permission.

State pushing for stronger phone laws

Through the holiday season and especially over the New Year's Eve holiday celebration time in South Carolina, much attention is given to alternatives to drinking and driving. The dangers associated with getting behind the wheel of a car even if a person has had only one alcoholic beverage have been known for a long time. Sadly many people keep making the dangerous choice to grab their keys after a drink or two. Similarly, too many people refuse to put down their phones while they drive.