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The impact of misdemeanors on your credit rating

A credit score is used by many financial lenders to determine if a person requesting a loan has a strong history of paying back debt. Being able to qualify for a loan can start a person off on the road to owning a house. However, some South Carolina residents may wonder if being convicted of a misdemeanor can directly harm their credit score and cause them to miss out on that crucial home mortgage.

Devices aimed at detecting pot in drivers

While South Carolina is not one of the states that has passed legislation to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, it does allow some legal use of the drug for medicinal purposes. Given this, it is important for people who use pot for any purpose to know about the advances being made by some in an attempt to arrest drivers for impaired operation due to pot.

Will a misdemeanor hurt my job search?

If you have ever been arrested in Nebraska for any reason, even if you were never convicted for any charge, you can likely attest to being afraid of many things during the process. Immediate concerns can include the cost of any fines or legal help as well as whether or not you will have to spend time in jail. Longer-term concerns eventually surface and are likely to include how you will find a job if you have an arrest or misdemeanor conviction on your record. As Monster explains, this may be more possible than you think.

South Carolina's speeding laws

To many people in South Carolina, getting a speeding ticket is something that is almost bound to happen at some point. While it may feel like a small incident and easy to shrug off, that is not always the case, especially when it feels unclear to the driver as to why exactly a ticket was issued in the first place.

South Carolina's point-based driving record system

If you have ever been stopped by a police officer in South Carolina and received a traffic ticket, you are far from alone. Many people are issued citations for everything ranging from speeding to rolling stops to failing to use a turn signal and more. In many situations, these things are almost treated as normal events that just happen and while they may be annoying and costly are not always considered seriously.

The price to pay after a shoplifting charge

Many South Carolina residents might agree that crimes related to shoplifting pale in comparison to more serious offenses. Nevertheless, those caught stealing often face serious repercussions. One point of debate surrounding shoplifting involves the penalties that come with them -- have they been too strict in the past? 

Knowing the ropes: south carolina shoplifting laws

Society generally has little sympathy for shoplifters, but like most offenses, there are often multiple sides to a story. Whether it is an ongoing habit or simply a way of making ends meet, those dealing with shoplifting penalties commonly walk out of one problem and into another. South Carolina residents facing repercussions after a shoplifting charge can learn more about state laws and the ways business owners handle instances of theft.