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Because mail and wire fraud take place over state lines, the federal government will claim jurisdiction over these cases. Also, many fraud cases are prosecuted as mail or wire fraud for the federal government to claim jurisdiction.

The federal criminal court system is vastly different from the state criminal court system. For individuals and businesses defending against mail or wire fraud charges, it is important to work with a lawyer who has experience in the federal system.

Florence Attorney Rose Mary Parham has 11 years of experience as a U.S. attorney. Mrs. Parham has a thorough understanding of the federal court system and the approach that the prosecution takes for cases of mail or wire fraud.

“I have been handling federal cases for many years. My clients trust in my experience and knowledge to provide strong defense against mail fraud and wire fraud charges.”

∙ Rose Mary Parham, Attorney at Law

Wire Fraud And Mail Fraud

Mail fraud is any use of the U.S. mail in furtherance of a fraudulent scheme. Wire fraud is similar, though instead of the mail system, wire fraud involves the use of electronic telecommunications or interstate communications devices in commission of the fraud. These devices can include:

  • Internet
  • Email
  • Phones
  • Fax machines
  • Texting devices
  • Television
  • Radio

A mail or wire fraud charge does not require that the accused personally use the mail or telecommunications device, only that the accused caused the mail or telecommunications device to be used in furtherance of a fraudulent crime.

It is strongly recommended that you do not talk with law enforcement before contacting a lawyer. Even before you are arrested or charged with mail or wire fraud, call an attorney. The early you get an attorney involved, the better chance you have of defending against these charges successfully.

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