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Seizures And Asset Forfeiture Lawyer In Florence

Protecting Your Assets In The Criminal Justice System

When facing criminal charges, many people are surprised to find that their assets can be seized or forfeited. Defending against forfeiture and seizure is not a simple matter. It requires sophisticated legal counsel from an experienced criminal law attorney.

Florence attorney Rose Mary Parham has a wealth of experience helping clients prevent seizures and forfeitures. With more than 22 years of criminal trial experience, Mrs. Parham has a thorough understanding of the legal processes involved with defending your rights and protecting your assets. Contact Parham Law for more information.

Seizures And Asset Forfeiture ∙ State And Federal Cases

In state cases, the government will seize money or property believed to be used in the commission of the alleged crime or gained from the alleged crime.

In many federal cases, a forfeiture page will be attached to the back of the document claiming that certain assets will be forfeited upon conviction. These assets are used to pay the fines and compensate the victims for their losses.

Asset seizures and forfeitures can come up in many different state and federal criminal defense situations, including:

  • Conspiracy
  • Mortgage fraud and bank fraud
  • Health care fraud
  • Securities fraud and tax fraud
  • Mail fraud and wire fraud
  • Drug crimes

Seizures And Asset Forfeiture Lawyer In Florence ∙ Helping You Through The Process

If you are facing an asset forfeiture or seizure, it is important to talk with an experienced lawyer.

Do not wait. You will be receiving inquiries in the mail regarding your forfeiture or seizure. There are strict deadlines for responding to these inquiries. If you fail to respond in time, you could lose the option of fighting to retain your assets.

Attorney Rose Mary Parham can represent you in your criminal case and fight to help you retain your assets.

Contact A Seizure Prevention Law Firm ∙ Parham Law Firm, LLC

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