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Highlighting how alcohol escapes the body through one's breath

Most in Florence may assume that roadside breathalyzer tests are actually the chemical breath tests referred to in the state's implied consent law (and thus may also believe that they are compelled to submit to them). Breathalyzer tests are actually preliminary alcohol screenings that are not as accurate as chemical testing (indeed, research data shared by the National Motorists Association shows that they have an error rate as large as 50 percent). Because of this wider margin for error, drivers are not required to take them. Yet understanding which breath tests are required by law may be secondary to an even larger question: How does one's breath offer a clue as to what is in their blood? 

Woman no longer facing drunk driving charge

When a person in South Carolina is involved in a wreck or stopped by an officer for some other purpose, they may end up being questioned about any potential alcohol consumption. This line of questioning may lead to them being asked to participate in field sobriety tests and maybe even a blood or breath test to objectively measure their blood alcohol content.

A DUI doesn't have to prevent getting a job

Among the many things that people in South Carolina who get convicted of drunk driving offenses must be concerned with is their future ability to get a job. Even though it may only be a misdemeanor, a driving under the influence charge is a criminal offense that may show up on a background check. In today's world, background checks are standard parts of the hiring process for most employers.

Man charged with DUI after refusing breath test

People in South Carolina who are charged with drunk or drugged driving offenses have the same right to defend themselves as do people arrested for other criminal offenses. This can feel difficult at times, however, because reports of these arrests often include limited details that on their own make it difficult to even consider a defendant innocent for any reason. It can also make it hard for people to remember that defendants have rights that must be respected by law enforcement officers and the criminal justice system.

BAC reading inadmissable in trial

It may be all too easy for some people in South Carolina to assume that once they are charged with a drunk driving offense that they will be convicted of the charge. However, just as with any other form of ciminal offense, there exists the ability for a person to defend themselves. Part of this defense may include protecting one's rights as well as asserting that the charges were inaccurate.

How much will a DUI really cost you?

South Carolina residents who are taken to court on DUI-related charges have a lot to consider, and a lot to potentially lose. You may not realize it, but charges related to drinking and driving can cover a wide range depending on the crime committed. In fact, you may be facing a heftier penalty than you expected.

The basics of field sobriety tests

If a South Carolina resident is under suspicion of drinking and driving, they may be asked to complete a field sobriety test. These tests are designed to determine if a person is under the influence. However, there are a lot of myths surrounding them that make it difficult for people to understand exactly what a field sobriety test is and how it works.

Obesity and field sobriety tests

Most people in South Carolina have likely heard or read headlines and stories about the problem of obesity facing our nation. In addition to concerns about people's health if they are overweight, there may also be concerns when it comes to criminal charges involving drunk driving. If you are carrying some extra pounds and are one of the many drivers who grabs a beer after work or enjoys a glass of wine when out to dinner and then drives home, you should learn about this.