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Experience That Matters

Any time a case goes to trial, the stakes are high. In criminal cases, a criminal conviction could mean the end of your freedom, stiff fines and other penalties. In civil cases, a large amount of money is usually on the line. The most important consideration for choosing a lawyer to represent you in the courtroom is experience.

Attorney Rose Mary Parham of Parham Law Firm, LLC, has more than 26 years of trial experience, including four years as an Assistant District Attorney and more than a decade as an Assistant United States Attorney.

“Many attorneys have a great deal of experience settling civil cases or plea-bargaining for clients to avoid criminal trials. However, it is important to have experience at the trial level. I have spent the vast majority of my legal career in the courtroom. I have the experience and knowledge to provide exceptional representation in the courtroom for you.”

∙ Rose Mary Parham, Attorney at Law

Why Trial Experience Is So Important

Florence federal trial lawyer Rose Mary Parham brings a wealth of trial experience that presents a tremendous benefit for the firm’s clients. Trial experience is extremely important because trials are not simple or intuitive. Many cases are won or lost based on complex procedural and evidentiary rules. Only experience can teach a lawyer to recognize these complexities and protect client interests throughout the process.

Trial experience is also a benefit when it comes to settlement negotiations. In personal injury and other civil claims, parties are more willing to negotiate when they know the other lawyer is able and prepared to take the case to trial. In criminal cases, an attorney with criminal trial experience will have a better understanding of the likely outcome of the trial. This helps negotiating with prosecuting attorneys to get clients better outcomes.

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