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Springfield police chief arrested over unpaid funds to deputies

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2017 | Uncategorized

If there was any demographic that people in Florence would believe to be the least likely to be involved in criminal activity, it may be law enforcement officials. However, stories of police officers being arrested are not uncommon. This may not necessarily signify an increased propensity amongst police to break the law, however, but rather an indication of how easy it may be for one’s unintentional errors or mishandling of a matter to result in criminal charges. People may make errors in judgment in their professional or personal lives all the time. Law enforcement officers may just happen to be in position where there mistakes are more likely to get them into hot water legally.

A Springfield police chief was recently arrested on a misdemeanor charge of public official misconduct, which could potentially see him spending a year in prison as well as owing a $1,000 fine. His alleged crime? Stealing from his fellow officers. It is alleged that he kept money owed to other members of his office for off-duty jobs they had completed. The amount of money he allegedly kept was not disclosed.

Given that no response from the police chief was issued, it may be hard to understand his intent. It may not be unreasonable to believe that he simply forgot to pay the deputies, or that he was unaware of the proper methods through which to convey the money to them. While none of this is known, it may highlight the point that allegations of misconduct do not equate to guilt, and that behind an accusation may be an innocent (if not naive or somewhat foolish) explanation. Those hoping to have such an explanation be heard may wish to have an attorney help them in conveying it.

Source: Charlotte Observer “SC police chief accused of stealing – from other cops” Marusak, Joe, June 23, 2017