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A DUI doesn’t have to prevent getting a job

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2018 | Uncategorized

Among the many things that people in South Carolina who get convicted of drunk driving offenses must be concerned with is their future ability to get a job. Even though it may only be a misdemeanor, a driving under the influence charge is a criminal offense that may show up on a background check. In today’s world, background checks are standard parts of the hiring process for most employers.

But before they give up hope and think that they will never be able to work again, people should be reassured that there are ways they can move past a previous DUI conviction and secure a job that will help them have the future they desire. One thing that residents can do according to Forbes is to conduct their own background check on themselves. This is like getting their own credit report.

With the check in front of them, they can see any potential errors and work to correct or remove them. This may reduce the number of negative marks on a check giving them a better chance at landing a job.

PBS adds that it may be wise to consider proactively telling a potential employer about a prior DUI conviction versus waiting for them to find out about it through an impersonal background check. When providing this information, people should focus on what they learned from the experience so that they may reassure the company that there is no ongoing pattern of behavior about which they should be concerned. This may go a long way toward allaying an employer’s concerns.