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Multi-month investigation leads to arrests

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2018 | Uncategorized

People in South Carolina who are facing criminal charges might feel they are in a tough situation, but it is important that they and others remember that defendants do have rights. These rights are present even before an arrest takes place. For example, it is not legal for police officers to just barge into someone’s home and conduct a search of the premises without a search warrant or appropriate legal cause.

Equally important is how a search warrant was obtained. Three people who were recently arrested in Newberry County will likely want to understand what is involved in obtaining a search warrant as part of their defense. As reported by WISTV.com, local law enforcement are said to have been watching a particular residence over the course of several months in part due to reports and complaints from neighbors in the area.

The nature of the complaints by neighbors is not known but eventually officers were able to obtain a search warrant that allowed them to enter the premises. They are said to have found some marijuana and methamphetamine. Somehow that led them to arrest not only the two men who lived at the home but a woman as well.

The trio are facing drug possession charges of pot, possession with the intent to distribute methamphetamine and the possession of drug paraphenalia. It is unclear what led officers to believe the defendants may be attempting to distribute or sell drugs or what consequences they may face if they are eventually convicted.