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Finances and DUIs: get an attorney to protect yourself

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2016 | Uncategorized

Getting a DUI is something that no one thinks will ever happen to them. They think they are responsible, honest, hard-working people who would never violate the law. But blood alcohol levels are tricky things. You may think that a glass or two of beer or wine won’t set you over the limit because “you know your body.” In reality, we don’t. BACs are very difficult to accurately measure in our own heads. What we feel when we have consumed alcohol often doesn’t exactly match our perceived BAC.

It is the real BAC that is discovered after a police officer makes you take a breath test or blood test that matters. And if it is over the legal limit of 0.08, you would face the dire consequences of a driving under the influence charge.

DUIs are very serious, and beyond the consequences of jail time and legal punishment, there are financial and life consequences to consider. There are so many fines, fees and financial costs to a DUI that you would never even think were part of the process. Jail fees; bail; impounding your vehicle; getting your license renewed; paying higher insurance premiums; paying for other forms of transportation without your car or license; all of these things add up. You could also be unable to perform your job — or even lose your job — as a result of a DUI.

This can happen after just one DUI. This isn’t something that is reserved for repeat DUI offenders or people who have extremely elevated DUIs. If you are accused of drunk driving, you need to combat the charges — and financial consequences — immediately. Get an attorney and build your side of the case.