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Defense strategies in drug related cases

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2017 | Uncategorized

Dealing with drug charges is difficult and complicated, and you could face severe ramifications if the jury finds you guilty. Defense attorneys have several defense strategies in store for you if you are charged with drug offenses. These defense mechanisms depend upon the circumstances in which you were arrested.

In drug cases, it is important for the prosecution to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant was involved in these activities. The defense usually tries to prove the allegations beyond a reasonable doubt. An important strategy is to establish the fact that law enforcement officers did not follow the due process of law during the investigation process. If the process was not followed, there is a chance that the case could be dismissed and you might walk away. Warrants might play an important role during the case, because they are essential to conduct searches. Any drugs that are seized during unwarranted searches are inadmissible in court and cannot be presented as evidence against you. However, drugs that are in plain sight can be seized without a warrant and might lead to an arrest as well as conviction. Defense attorney may also bring up the fact that the defendant did not know where the drugs came from.

Chain of custody also plays an important role in these cases. Your attorney can question the chain of custody of any evidence that the prosecution brings forward. Once the chain of custody is scrutinized in court, there is a chance that there will be reasonable doubt created about it. If the evidence is questionable, the case might get dismissed.

If you are facing any drug charges, it is advisable to hire an experienced defense attorney. The attorney will go through the evidence against you and try to get you exonerated.