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Why Drug Charges Should Be Taken Seriously In South Carolina

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2017 | Uncategorized

Drug trafficking is widely considered to be a hot topic of discussion across the U.S. In Florence, South Carolina, the court system doesn’t look too kindly to offenders especially when overwhelming evidence puts them liable to substantial fines or even incarceration in prison. Based on the rampant cases of drug distribution and possession, every resource has been diverted to ensure that offenders are arrested and brought to justice before a court of law. Being convicted of drug charges can be compared to the proverbial nail in the coffin with bleak chances of acquittal. Not only is jail time a much more possible outcome but your reputation might not recover at all.

Contrary to common knowledge, most citizens fail to comprehend the fundamental rights violated whenever a Police Officer pulls them over during a traffic stop. Since we are trained to be law abiding citizens, common sense dictates that we must comply with every request demanded. In the unfortunate event that you are in possession of drug paraphernalia, an Officer is obligated by law to produce a search warrant before conducting a search and seizure of drugs substances in your vehicle. Since most of us are unaware of such an essential law, it shouldn’t be a surprise when we are arraigned before the Precinct.

Once drugs charges have been filed against you, it becomes much harder to prove otherwise especially in the absence of an experienced attorney by your side. In such a situation, the Prosecution will undoubtedly pull up your past criminal record to ascertain whether such a crime had been recorded in the past. Alternatively, they can also rattle your cage just to evaluate your ability to cope under pressure. It’s critical not to fall into any trap set by the Prosecutor to extract a confession from you. As an alleged offender, you are still considered innocent until proven guilty by a jury.

Alternatively, a Police Officer must have probable cause for conducting a search of your vehicle or house. Simply following mere suspicion of wrongdoing isn’t enough to warrant an unprecedented search on your property, which is a direct violation of your fundamental rights.

Are you in need of a criminal defense against drug charges? Contact a seasoned attorney in South Carolina for basic guidance.