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College football players cleared of assault charges

On Behalf of | May 26, 2017 | Uncategorized

People often may not realize just how extensive the damage can be when one is accused of a crime in Florence. Assumptions of one’s guilt often occur before he or she is ever allowed to have his or her day in court. These assumptions can have a dramatic impact on one’s personal relationships, his or her career, as well as his or her standing within the local community. At such times, those who stand accused of crimes may like nothing more than to enjoy anonymity. Yet often, due to one’s public profile, that may be next to impossible.

The recent case of two football players for the University of South Carolina serves to illustrate this point. The two young men, along with another (a former player who had earlier been dismissed from the team) were accused of assaulting a man at a local bar. However, when authorities arrived at the scene after the altercation had occurred, none of the players were present. One even went so far as to claim (both personally and through an attorney) that he had not even been in the bar at the time the incident occurred. A subsequent investigation later confirmed his story. Both players have since been cleared of any wrongdoing, while the former player is still being sought by authorities. It was not reported if either player had been subjected to disciplinary action by the university.

A public announcement clearing an alleged suspect of suspicion can help in salvaging one’s reputation, but in many cases, the damage has already been done. Earning an exoneration, however, it the first crucial step to rebuilding one’s life. Having the assistance of an attorney may help make that happen.

Source: NBC Sports “South Carolina’s Deebo Samuel and Skai Moore cleared in bar assault investigation” McGuire, Kevin, May 06, 2017