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Drug arrest derails teens planned Myrtle Beach trip

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2017 | Uncategorized

Teens in Florence can often be forgiven for exercising what some may term to be poor judgment due to their relative lack of experience and understanding. Often, their excitement and exuberance to fully participate in what may be perceived to be adult activities can cause them to overlook any potential consequences that they may face from engaging in them. Many often appreciate this fact, and hope that law enforcement officials will, as well. Yet the circumstances of an arrest may prompt authorities to forget this notion.

Law enforcement officials in North Carolina are currently facing a case challenging this notion following the arrest of three teens headed to Myrtle Beach. The teens embarked on their road trip after having graduated from high school in Virginia earlier this month. Their diversion was cut short, however, after authorities pulled them over for speeding and noticed the smell of marijuana emanating from their vehicle. A subsequent search revealed $3,600 in cash, drug paraphernalia, over three ounces of marijuana, more than 2 grams of cocaine, and countless liters of liquor and beer. The three now face an array of charges ranging from underage and unlawful possession to speeding and illegally transporting narcotics and alcohol. They revealed that the trip was a culmination of a year of planning, and that they had combined all of their resources to purchase the drugs and alcohol.

Despite the poor decisions that teens may make, those decisions need not necessarily derail them from being able to secure promising futures. Parents may be placed in the position of having to fight to ensure their teens best interests are still considered even in light of alleged criminal activity. Such a fight may be easier to fulfill if one has the assistance of an experienced attorney.

Source: WJLA “3 Va. teens arrested on drug and alcohol charges on the way to beach week” June 22, 2017