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Run from police results in crash, arrest

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2017 | Uncategorized

Typically, a speeding offense or other moving violation in Florence may not result in severe consequences. One who is facing such a scenario may ultimately only be forced to pay a fine, and certain corrective actions (such as attending a driver safety course) could even result in not having the offense reported to his or her insurance provider. Cooperation with law enforcement officials is typically a prerequisite to earning such an outcome to a traffic offense, however. Failing to do so could potentially land one in even deeper legal hot water, prompting authorities to level charges that he or she may have not otherwise been facing. 

That appears to be what will happen to a driver in Maine after he fled from law enforcement officials after having been reportedly driving his car at close to 115 miles per hour on the interstate. The man was ultimately charged with a number of offenses, including operating a vehicle while under the influence. While his chase with police began on the freeway, it eventually made it ways to side streets. It ended shortly after the man exited the freeway when he tried to navigate a sharp turn while still fleeing. He lost control of his vehicle and crashed. Information regarding any injuries he may have suffered was unavailable. 

There may be times when one has a valid reason to disagree with police for pulling him or her over, yet even in such cases, cooperation may go a long way towards helping one’s cause. So too may the advice of an experienced attorney, which is why one may be well-served to seek such assistance when facing a traffic offense.

Source: WABI “State Police Arrest Driver Speeding 115 MPH in Sherman” Aug. 25, 2017