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Legalized medical pot on the table in South Carolina

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2018 | Uncategorized

Across the United States, many individual states have allowed the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes for some time now. A few other states have even legalized the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. Thus far in South Carolina, there are no legally recognized uses for marijuana. However, this is something that may change if one State Senator is able to be successful in getting a bill passed and enacted.

The Republican senator has teamed up with other lawmakers representing both major political parties to sponsor a bill that would legalize the use of pot for medical purposes. If passed, the new law would not provide a carte blanche on pot use but would come with clearly defined criteria for its use. Among this criteria may be a list of qualifying medical conditions that a patient must have in order to be allowed to use the drug legally.

The legislation would also provide oversight on the growth and distribution of medical marijuana. The pot may be allowed to be consumed in multiple forms not just via smoking. Edible pot, oils and more may all be allowed for people who meet the criteria of the law. Whether or not this law is passed or could become a precursor to legalized recreational pot remains to be seen.

While waiting for a medical marijuana law to be passed, people who are charged with pot-related crimes in South Carolina might find it useful to learn how to defend themselves by talking with a defense attorney.

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