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Criminal charges can affect your college life

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2018 | Blog

There are many aspects of your life that can be affected by a criminal charge. The type of charge might have an impact on what consequences you face. One of the shocking potential penalties has to do with higher education.

Two things can happen with higher education if you are charged with a criminal act. One is that you might not be eligible for financial aid for your schooling. The other is that you may not eligible to attend the school of your choice.

Laws and rules

Many schools have guidelines that note that students can’t have criminal charges pending. Some schools will allow students who do have a criminal history, but then you have to determine if your chosen field will allow you to work with a criminal history.

When you are determine this, you should note that there are some differences that occur because of the charge type or classification. For example, all drug and drunk driving charges might have very serious consequences, even if they are misdemeanors. Other misdemeanors may not have as big of an impact as felonies.

Financial aid challenges

Unless you are able to pay for your schooling yourself, you will likely find that you will have to deal with some challenges with financial aid. Whether you are planning on a LIFE or HOPE scholarship or federal financial aid, you will have to answer questions about your criminal history.

Typically, the challenge is going to be if you are convicted of crimes related to drugs or alcohol or if you were convicted of a crime that was committed while you were already receiving financial aid. You will have to be honest on the applications for financial aid because there is a chance that a background check will unearth the truth. Lying on these applications does come with some very serious consequences.

Finding work in your field

Even if you are able to obtain financial aid or make it through school without it, you might have trouble finding a job in your field once you graduate. Many positions that require a degree will come with a criminal background check.

Some of these positions, such as those working with children, the elderly or financial information, might not be able to hire even the highest qualifying candidate for a job if that person has a criminal record. You may be forced to abandon your degree in favor of other work that doesn’t require a background check so find out how the charge or conviction will impact your career before you shell out money for schooling.