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When a shoplifting charge threatens a reputation

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2018 | Uncategorized

It may seem a small act, but can result in major consequences: shoplifting is a crime that affects a multitude of customers and business owners each year. While the taking of an item that is not one’s own is certainly problematic for South Carolina businesses, it can also inflict serious damage on a person’s reputation and career. Below are some recent developments in this area of crime, as well as a few ways residents can navigate a shoplifting charge.  

In recent years, some retail giants have turned to different theft-prevention strategies, as Quartz highlighted in an article on shoplifting solutions. Walmart, for instance, loses roughly $3 billion each year to shoplifting; in response, the company hired another company to address the widespread issue through education. Now, when someone is caught stealing at one of the stores, they may receive instruction from security guards asking to pay a fee and to participate in a 6-8 hour online course. While the founders of one of the preventative programs, Corrective Education Company, believe that this new strategy is an advancement, critics consider the program “extortion.”

As for those already in these tricky predicaments, Soapboxie shares a few steps one can take when caught shoplifting. First, it is important to remain calm when confronted about a theft. Soapboxie also dissuades readers from running after being caught; doing so can alert the store detective that the incident may require the involvement of police. When caught, it is usually a good idea to avoid bargaining with the store, since managers likely want to get down to the bottom of the situation immediately. There are many wise steps one can take when presented with a shoplifting charge, and those steps may vary depending on the seriousness of the incident.