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How could so many charges result from one arrest?

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2019 | Uncategorized

Have you ever been detained for a traffic offense, charged with a DUI or arrested for possession while in your vehicle? If not, you may be shocked at the number of charges the state of South Carolina might attempt to levy against you for what seems like a straightforward event. 

If you were under suspicion of a crime, understanding these charges and the related processes would probably be instrumental in your defense. That perspective would be even more critical if police were to detain, arrest or question you regarding the matter. Here is why it is important to know how your rights relate to your situation before you speak about your case.

The state has an interest in attempting to secure the maximum possible chance of a conviction or guilty plea you if and when you get arrested. This is partly because mistaken, faulty or false arrests — those that would lead to an innocent verdict or dismissal for your case — are evidence that the state could be performing its executive duties inefficiently, unethically or with some other failing.

As a result, a seemingly simple event could come with some surprising complications for you. For example, arrest for drug possession in a motor vehicle could include additional DUI allegations. As shown on FindLaw, there are also any number of traffic violations that may apply. It then becomes the job of the arresting officer to collect evidence of each and every charge you face.

If you decide to speak to officers about what you assume is an unrelated matter, you could, in fact, incriminate yourself in regards to an unknown count in your case. Your behavior, situation and statements could also give the state an opportunity to charge you with even more crimes. Please do not think of this as specific advice for any material situation. It is only general information.