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Harsh penalties for shoplifters in south carolina

Sometimes, life's pressing situations can leave one in desperate financial circumstances. There are many factors that drive an individual to shoplift, but some speculate that South Carolina's shoplifting laws themselves could point toward one explanation. The state's laws on shoplifting were at one time among the most lenient in the country, and lawmakers eventually began to reconsider toughening those regulations. This is a positive step for the state's retail businesses, but what could it mean for those who commit small shoplifting crimes?

Shoplifting: a common crime

There are many reasons why a person may commit an offense such as shoplifting: poverty, psychological reward and peer pressure are among the most common influences. While shoplifting may never completely cease to occur, there are legal details individuals should know when facing shoplifting consequences. South Carolina is hardly exempt from such crimes, and has experienced an influx in cases in recent months. The causes may be difficult to determine, but what are the penalties and types of prevention plans? 

Distracted driving hits drivers where it hurts: their wallets

The fast-paced world has many South Carolina drivers pulled in many directions, which may be why some turn to driving while distracted, either through emails, text messages or other passengers in the car. According to The State, this has drivers paying, both with higher insurance premiums, fines, and unfortunately for some, with their lives. 

Run from police results in crash, arrest

Typically, a speeding offense or other moving violation in Florence may not result in severe consequences. One who is facing such a scenario may ultimately only be forced to pay a fine, and certain corrective actions (such as attending a driver safety course) could even result in not having the offense reported to his or her insurance provider. Cooperation with law enforcement officials is typically a prerequisite to earning such an outcome to a traffic offense, however. Failing to do so could potentially land one in even deeper legal hot water, prompting authorities to level charges that he or she may have not otherwise been facing. 

Springfield police chief arrested over unpaid funds to deputies

If there was any demographic that people in Florence would believe to be the least likely to be involved in criminal activity, it may be law enforcement officials. However, stories of police officers being arrested are not uncommon. This may not necessarily signify an increased propensity amongst police to break the law, however, but rather an indication of how easy it may be for one's unintentional errors or mishandling of a matter to result in criminal charges. People may make errors in judgment in their professional or personal lives all the time. Law enforcement officers may just happen to be in position where there mistakes are more likely to get them into hot water legally.

College football players cleared of assault charges

People often may not realize just how extensive the damage can be when one is accused of a crime in Florence. Assumptions of one's guilt often occur before he or she is ever allowed to have his or her day in court. These assumptions can have a dramatic impact on one's personal relationships, his or her career, as well as his or her standing within the local community. At such times, those who stand accused of crimes may like nothing more than to enjoy anonymity. Yet often, due to one's public profile, that may be next to impossible.

Your misdemeanor may affect your job search

Searching for a job in South Carolina can be a challenge, but for those who have been convicted of a misdemeanor, it can be even more difficult. According to the Collegiate Times, research indicates that an employer may not separate misdemeanors from felonies when looking at an applicant’s criminal record. This could mean that a young person with a disorderly conduct misdemeanor or similar conviction could be seen as a liability and may never get called in for an interview.

Understanding the Consequences of Misdemeanors in South Carolina

Contrary to public opinion, not all crimes are classified equally across all States in the U.S. In Florence, South Carolina, misdemeanors are conventionally described as criminal offenses more serious than infractions but less consequential than felonies. Misdemeanors are mainly punishable by incarceration in jail or fines determined by the court. Understanding misdemeanors and their resulting consequences should be basic instinct to every citizen. After all, you might end up convicted for one and getting acquitted might become a daunting task, to say the least. Misdemeanors are widely considered to fetch different penalties depending on the gravity of the crime.

Misdemeanor record expungement

Having a criminal record of any kind can be difficult on a person, especially when it comes to things like finding employment, securing housing and obtaining professional licenses. Due to this, many people in South Carolina look into a record expungement. Getting misdemeanor charges expunged from a criminal record is possible by going through the right channels and meeting the requirements.