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What are the implications of crime classifications?

Classification of criminal charges in South Carolina relates to how serious the alleged crime is. Misdemeanor charges are less serious than felonies but more serious than infractions. When you face misdemeanor charges, it affects the way that the court will handle your case, as well as the consequences you may face after your sentence if convicted. 

Gun carry laws in South Carolina

Regardless of your positions on gun control, there may be many reasons that you want to learn about the laws in South Carolina regarding the right to carry a gun. This is especially important if you wish to own a gun so that you do not inadvertently break one of these laws. Every state has unique laws so you cannot simply assume that what you knew to be legal in another state is legal in South Carolina.

Defining shoplifting in South Carolina

Most in Florence might find it difficult to contain a smirk when asked about their thoughts regarding shoplifting. This is no doubt due to many assuming that shoplifting is limited to offenses similar to the proverbial “swiping of a candy bar.” If asked, some might say that the appropriate penalty for such an offense is little more than a stern talking to from a shop owner. In reality, shoplifting is very serious offense that may net serious penalties, and is reportedly a much larger problem than most may realize. Indeed, according to information shared by, 2 million Americans are arrested for shoplifting every year.