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Photo of attorney - Rose Mary Parham

Month: June 2019

Loss of driving privileges in South Carolina

If you are licensed to drive in the state of South Carolina, you may likely know that the Department of Motor Vehicles has the right to rescind your driving privileges in some situations. There are several different violations or reasons that may lead this to happen....

Lawsuits continue against drug company

Across the nation and in South Carolina, too many people continue to struggle with the challenges of drug addiction. This serious health problem often contributes to and is associated with criminal activity as good people are fueled to take steps that may be illegal...

Impaired driving can come from medications and drugs

College students sometimes use medications and other substances to cope with the stresses of student life. While this might not be an issue alone, it can become a major problem if you take anything and then drive. You might believe that impaired driving is limited to...