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Understanding South Carolina's expungement guidelines

Many in Florence may subscribe to the common misconception that misdemeanor offenses are not serious. In reality, such a conviction can follow one around as part of their public record, potentially interfering with their ability to find a job or secure housing. The limitations and stigma that a previous conviction can place on people may make moving on with one's life that much more difficult. Allowing one the opportunity to have their record cleared of a conviction assists in them successfully reintegrating themselves into society. 

Can prisoners have cell phones?

If you or someone you know has been sentenced to time in a prison in South Carolina, you will no doubt want to understand what type of personal rights they may lose and what rights they may retain. Regardless of the reason that a person is ordered to spend time in prison, that person is still a person and deserves some basic respect as a human being.

Is drug court an option for you?

As a South Carolina resident who is facing a drug-related criminal charge, you may feel as if your addiction to one or more drugs is causing you to behave in ways you otherwise would not. Regrettably, today’s jails and prisons are full of criminal offenders who may not have been there, if not for their addictions, because the link between drug abuse and criminal behavior is a very real and serious one.

Are overdoses common in Florence County?

There is no denying that the whole country is going through a difficult period concerning opioids. This epidemic is a serious situation that tears families apart and ruins lives. While it is very easy to believe that it is not happening in your backyard, the reality is that Florence, South Carolina, is not immune to it. Looking at the statistics from Florence County in 2016 show a sad story about how opioids are affecting your community.