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Will a misdemeanor hurt my job search?

If you have ever been arrested in Nebraska for any reason, even if you were never convicted for any charge, you can likely attest to being afraid of many things during the process. Immediate concerns can include the cost of any fines or legal help as well as whether or not you will have to spend time in jail. Longer-term concerns eventually surface and are likely to include how you will find a job if you have an arrest or misdemeanor conviction on your record. As Monster explains, this may be more possible than you think.

Multi-month investigation leads to arrests

People in South Carolina who are facing criminal charges might feel they are in a tough situation, but it is important that they and others remember that defendants do have rights. These rights are present even before an arrest takes place. For example, it is not legal for police officers to just barge into someone's home and conduct a search of the premises without a search warrant or appropriate legal cause.

Attending college linked to an increase in criminal activity

Your child always followed your rules and the law during high school. They did their homework, got home at a reasonable hour and generally grew up just like you hoped. You felt thrilled. You assumed you raised a responsible child who would leave for college and become a responsible adult. As a parent, that felt like tremendous success.