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Hands Across the Border takes place at South Carolina state line

Labor Day weekend tends to be a busy time of the year for authorities enforcing drunk driving laws in South Carolina. People mark the end of summer with travel and social gatherings at which they may consume alcohol. Hands Across the Border events have taken place in the Southeast since 1991, allowing law enforcement from two adjoining states to cooperate with one another to make the roads safer by removing impaired drivers. North and South Carolina have held similar events at their shared border for approximately 20 years. 

More jobs for people with criminal records

People in South Carolina who have been arrested for and charged with criminal offenses might understandably be concerned about how this experience may impact their future. In addition to the possibility of having to spend time in jail, a criminal conviction on their record might make it hard to get a new job, even for a minor offense. Background checks are routinely conducted by a large percentage of employers, leaving job seekers with criminal pasts wondering how they can move forward.