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Son of district official charged in school vandalism

While it is always difficult when a teenager faces misdemeanor criminal charges in South Carolina, it can complicate matters even further when the adolescent is the child of officials within the community. Fairly or unfairly, the community holds the child to a higher standard because of who his or her parents are. The same principle holds true in North Carolina, where the 18-year-old son of a school district chairman recently became one of five individuals charged with vandalism of the local high school. 

Drug charges follow refusal to move golf cart in South Carolina

An arrest for a lesser charge can sometimes prompt a search that could turn up drugs or paraphernalia, leading to more severe penalties. This appears to be what happened in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, when authorities arrested a man allegedly blocking the bike lane and part of the roadway on Ocean Boulevard with a rented golf cart containing himself and three passengers. 

How did the opiate crisis begin?

No state in the country, including South Carolina, is immune to the horrifying opioid crisis. With people dying daily from these drugs, it is amazing to see so many people still addicted. You may wonder how this crisis began and why so many people seem to be using opioids. You are not alone. Many people want to know why this is happening. To find the answer, you need to look way back to the 1990s.

Are designated drivers always a safe choice?

Whether you are going out to have dinner and drinks with friends or you are headed out for a night out on the town, it may be a good idea to bring a designated driver. Although designated drivers are considered part of the group, it is understood that they will not drink any alcoholic beverages. This person will then be the one who drives everyone safely to their destination. While you may feel comfortable and safe getting into a car with a designated driver, studies show that these drivers may not be as safe as some may think. In some cases, designated drivers may lead to a serious car accident.

The state's drunk driving stop and arrest process

Residents in South Carolina may hear a lot about how the state has strict laws regarding drunk driving but they may not fully understand what could be involved in a potential driving under the influence stop or subsequent arrest. It is important for drivers to know a bit about the process as it is possible for most any driver to be faced with a line of questioning from an officer who suspects the driver is impaired.

Why do underage university students drink alcohol?

Your child leaves for college, and all you can think about are those teen movies that show plenty of college freshman drinking and partying. Is that really what college is like in 2019? After all, roughly half of college students are still too young to drink, and underage drinking is still illegal, even if it's part of "college culture."