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Man charged with DUI after refusing breath test

People in South Carolina who are charged with drunk or drugged driving offenses have the same right to defend themselves as do people arrested for other criminal offenses. This can feel difficult at times, however, because reports of these arrests often include limited details that on their own make it difficult to even consider a defendant innocent for any reason. It can also make it hard for people to remember that defendants have rights that must be respected by law enforcement officers and the criminal justice system.

Are all misdemeanors the same?

You have likely heard about people being charged with crimes in South Carolina and some of the time these crimes are referred to as felonies while others are referred to as misdemeanors. As you may well know, felonies are considered more serious offenses than misdemeanors. However, there is more of a distinction in the type of crime an act may be considered than simply whether it is a felony or a misdemeanor.

BAC reading inadmissable in trial

It may be all too easy for some people in South Carolina to assume that once they are charged with a drunk driving offense that they will be convicted of the charge. However, just as with any other form of ciminal offense, there exists the ability for a person to defend themselves. Part of this defense may include protecting one's rights as well as asserting that the charges were inaccurate.

Reasonable suspicion and the drunk driving traffic stop

Have you ever wondered what makes a police officer pull over a person for the suspicion of drunk driving? There are several possibilities. Maybe someone called the police dispatchers or maybe the officer noticed something amiss. In any case, it is imperative that the officer does have a valid reason to stop someone.

How much will a DUI really cost you?

South Carolina residents who are taken to court on DUI-related charges have a lot to consider, and a lot to potentially lose. You may not realize it, but charges related to drinking and driving can cover a wide range depending on the crime committed. In fact, you may be facing a heftier penalty than you expected.