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Substance testing for commercial drivers

People who live and work in South Carolina know that the state has some very tough laws in place regarding driving a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol. Most of the laws people are aware of pertain to individuals driving with standard licenses. When it comes to truckers and others with commercial driving licenses, there is an even greater level of oversight that everyone holding a CDL in South Carolina should be aware of.

Drugged driving is just as bad as drunk driving

Impaired driving in all forms is dangerous and illegal. When drivers are behind the wheels of their vehicles, they need to be able to react if there is anything that requires their attention. It is difficult to impossible to do this if you are impaired. Many people don't realize that you don't have to use illegal drugs to drive impaired.

South Carolina's point-based driving record system

If you have ever been stopped by a police officer in South Carolina and received a traffic ticket, you are far from alone. Many people are issued citations for everything ranging from speeding to rolling stops to failing to use a turn signal and more. In many situations, these things are almost treated as normal events that just happen and while they may be annoying and costly are not always considered seriously.

Legality of police entry in raids questioned

People in South Carolina know that despite growing concerns about an opioid epidemic and other drug addition and abuse issues, there can still be a strong contingent of people who seem to revel in stories of officers coming down hard on defendants suspected of being involved in illegal drug activity. This group of people and others, however, should be aware that regardless of a situation, officers are supposed to follow the law when it comes to searching and entering a personal residence.


The number .08 holds significance for many in Florence. That is the blood-alcohol concentration that is almost universally accepted as the standard for determining whether one is legally drunk. Like many of those that we here at the Parham Law Firm, LLC have worked with in the past, you probably assume that if that number is associated with your name, a DUI charge is forthcoming. South Carolina, however, is unique from several other states in the fact that the .08 BAC level is not exclusively associated with DUI.