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Photo of attorney - Rose Mary Parham

Month: April 2018

Continued criminal justice reform sought

In 2010, reports indicate that only 10 states in the nation had higher incarceration rates than South Carolina. That year criminal justice reform efforts began and today the state's incarceration rate has improved from number 11 to number 19. In addition, seven...

Criminal charges can affect your college life

There are many aspects of your life that can be affected by a criminal charge. The type of charge might have an impact on what consequences you face. One of the shocking potential penalties has to do with higher education.Two things can happen with higher education if...

When a shoplifting charge threatens a reputation

It may seem a small act, but can result in major consequences: shoplifting is a crime that affects a multitude of customers and business owners each year. While the taking of an item that is not one's own is certainly problematic for South Carolina businesses, it...