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The price to pay after a shoplifting charge

Many South Carolina residents might agree that crimes related to shoplifting pale in comparison to more serious offenses. Nevertheless, those caught stealing often face serious repercussions. One point of debate surrounding shoplifting involves the penalties that come with them -- have they been too strict in the past? 

The outlook on south carolina's marijuana laws

Over recent years, it has become clear that the nation is undergoing modifications in regard to its drug laws. As the opioid crisis has caused the country to reassess the ways it views certain substances, marijuana has all but quietly stepped into the picture. South Carolina may still be in a state of limbo when it comes to marijuana laws, but many experts see changes on the horizon.

Highlighting how alcohol escapes the body through one's breath

Most in Florence may assume that roadside breathalyzer tests are actually the chemical breath tests referred to in the state's implied consent law (and thus may also believe that they are compelled to submit to them). Breathalyzer tests are actually preliminary alcohol screenings that are not as accurate as chemical testing (indeed, research data shared by the National Motorists Association shows that they have an error rate as large as 50 percent). Because of this wider margin for error, drivers are not required to take them. Yet understanding which breath tests are required by law may be secondary to an even larger question: How does one's breath offer a clue as to what is in their blood? 

Knowing the ropes: south carolina shoplifting laws

Society generally has little sympathy for shoplifters, but like most offenses, there are often multiple sides to a story. Whether it is an ongoing habit or simply a way of making ends meet, those dealing with shoplifting penalties commonly walk out of one problem and into another. South Carolina residents facing repercussions after a shoplifting charge can learn more about state laws and the ways business owners handle instances of theft.