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On drug charges and drug trafficking allegations

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2016 | Uncategorized

“Drug trafficking” and “drug distribution” charges are very serious, and the phrases themselves are loaded. These phrases bring up images of bad people who are cloaked or shrouded in the shadows, dealing drugs to your kids and family members. But in reality, many people who are accused of these crimes are actually good people who simply don’t have the means to do anything. There are also plenty of people accused of these crimes that aren’t guilty of what they are accused of committing.

We bring all of this up because there are many people out there who face these crimes, and there are many others passing judgement about these crimes. We want to outline a few things about drug trafficking and distribution cases.

The first thing to note is that the case against an alleged drug trafficker has to be proven. That means the prosecutor has to prove that the person accused of a drug trafficking or distribution crime knowingly participated in the distribution. The individual had to have knowledge and intent. Furthermore, the prosecutor must prove that the substance in question was, indeed, a controlled substance. Given the problems that can arise with due process during drug testing and evidence handling, this could cause problems for the prosecution.

Anyone accused of any crime, anywhere, has the right to defend himself or herself and also has a the presumption of innocence. With drug crimes, there may be an uphill battle — but if you consult with an attorney, your rights will be upheld.