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How You Can Be Acquitted From A DUI Charge

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2017 | Uncategorized

A DUI is widely considered a misdemeanor in the U.S. It has become one of the most common charges filed against offenders. A DUI conviction essentially means you are liable for jail time and are stripped off driving privileges for a specified duration. In the worst case scenario, your reputation is shattered and could take much effort to restore it to its former glory. As a DUI offender, you are likely to experience various forms of intimidation from the Prosecution. For instance, they can threaten you with extended jail time just to see you squeal in your boots.


Nevertheless, such techniques are aimed at rattling your cage and testing your ability to remain calm in extreme situations. Before being convicted of a DUI charge, it is the legal responsibility of a police officer to conduct a blood alcohol content test. Upon exceeding the blood alcohol content level, the arresting officer is mandated to bring you in for legal processing and conviction. However, you must comply with his requests and any qualms regarding breath test refusal will be used against you in court.

Culminating consequences based on your initial refusal can ultimately lead to license suspension among other fines. Once in the precinct, you must contact a reputable attorney specializing in drunk driving defense to safeguard your fundamental rights and expedite your acquittal. Backed by adequate experience, such lawyers possess the necessary tools needed to determine the possible solutions to instigate a case dismissal and their resulting penalties. Such solutions may include:

  • Illegal searches: The U.S Congress has enacted stringent laws limiting an officer’s right to search incidents leading to DUI conviction.
  • Illegal stops: The police ought to have probable cause before stopping a driver for DUI. For instance, they must have been driving past the legal limit.
  • Improper filming: If the police officer’s on-car video fails to capture the arrestee’s sloppy actions, then the video is inadmissible in court.

When you appoint an excellent attorney, they will get to the cause regarding the stop and resulting arrest, then identify a suitable solution out of the tricky situation. Your lawyer may be able to get your DUI charge expunged from the record especially if you are a first time offender.