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A DWI can affect your future in and after college

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2017 | Uncategorized

Driving under the influence of alcohol is something almost everyone knows is illegal. You know you shouldn’t get behind the wheel when you’re intoxicated, because it makes you less attentive and slows your reactions. In just a few seconds, a mistake could lead to a fatal accident or one with serious injuries.

Even if you don’t get into an accident, a DWI arrest can land you in hot water with the law and impact your schooling and future career prospects. Here are a few ways that DUIs can affect you if you’re convicted.

1. You may not be eligible for employment

Certain employers have rules about who they will or will not hire. Some refuse to hire those with DUIs on their records. For example, a transportation company would be highly unlikely to want to hire a driver with a history of a DUI conviction. Others may not want to hire someone with a crime in his or her past, because it shows that you could be a liability to the company.

2. Your school’s policies could result in the termination of your education

Depending on your school’s specific policies, receiving a DUI could result in your schooling being terminated. Some colleges suspend students for a semester while others expel them from school completely. Your financial aid could be impacted, too. If you do get to stay in school after the arrest and conviction, you could still struggle to make it to classes, especially if you lose your license.

Another thing to remember is that some licenses you could obtain through schooling, like those to become a medical doctor or attorney, could require a clear criminal record. A DUI could make it impossible to get the license you want.

3. Your social life suffers the consequences

When you receive a DUI, it’s common to have your license revoked. That impacts your ability to work, go to school and have a social life. Your reputation may suffer due to the conviction, which makes it harder to interact with those around you. You may no longer have the right to drive to extracurricular activities, even if you get a conditional license to go to work or school.

The best way to avoid these consequences is to take care never to get behind the wheel after you’re intoxicated. If you are arrested, then it’s time to talk to your attorney about the options you have to defend yourself.