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The walk-and-turn field sobriety test

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2017 | Uncategorized

Do you know someone who has been arrested for and charged with impaired driving in South Carolina? If so and you are wanting to help that person through the defense process, it will be good for you to understand the types of tests administered during the arrest process.

In addition to a breath or blood test that determines a driver’s blood alcohol level, other tests are given at the place where the original traffic stop happened. Referred to as field sobriety tests, these things do not actually measure intoxication. Instead, FieldSobrietyTests.org indicates, these three standardized tests are intended solely to give police or other law enforcement officers enough evidence to arrest a person for suspected driving under the influence.

One test used has a 66-percent accuracy rate and requires a driver to balance perfectly and perform other tasks without fail. Nine steps must be taken in a heel-to-toe fashion in the walk-and-turn test. Arms must remain by sides and no swaying or other falling off balance is allowed. All steps must be counted out loud for officers to hear. This test might be done on uneven ground, at night when lighting is poor or even when a person is wearing high heels. Ground could be wet or slippery as well which might also make it difficult to pass this test.

If you would like to learn more about the walk-and-turn test or other elements of a drunk driving arrest, please feel free to visit the field sobriety test page of our South Carolina criminal defense website.